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ETL Mapping Design and Development


You Will Learn

l          The relationship between Data Warehouse and ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Loading).

l          How to achieve data movement from across many different sources to Data Warehouse.

l          ETL mapping design process and procedure.

l          ETL development and implementation for DW project.

l          ETL technologies and popular tools.

Course Benefits

ETL is a very important component of Data Warehouse, ETL enables organizations to extract, transform and load data from different sources to different layers of a Data Warehouse to create consistent, accurate information.

ETL specialist is a high demanded position in data management, data warehousing, BI industry.


Who Should Attend?

Anyone wants to involve in analysis, designing, building and implementing Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence solutions or projects.


Hot positions in the market will be: Data Warehouse Consultant, BI Consultant, Data Architects, DW/BI designer, Data Modelers, ETL specialists, BI specialist, Data Warehouse specialist, Business System Analyst, project manager, team lead, IT managers.


Course Content


Module 1: Data Warehouse and ETL Foundation

  • The relationship between Data Warehouse and ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Loading).
  • The difference between logical and physical data movement.
  • How to achieve data movement from across many different sources to Data Warehouse.
  • ETL technologies and popular tools.

Module 2: ETL Mapping Design Process and Procedure


  • Business and System requirement analysis
  • Meta data creation and maintenance
  • Data mapping Design and Implementation
  • Extraction Design and implementation
  • Pre loading Design and implementation
  • Transformation Design and implementation
  • Error handling and notification


Module 3: ETL development and implementation Case Study and Tools


  • Real financial DW/BI project ETL mapping design.
  • ETL technologies and popular tools in the market
  • Informatica etc ETL tool introduction and practice.



Length: 9 Hours (3 hours * 3 times)

Date/Time: Wednesday 7pm - 10pm or Sunday 9am – 12pm

Location: RC DataTech Training center, Toronto



Total: $298 (including tax)

Hotlines: 647-975-2008 Help Mailbox:  

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